Monday, January 10, 2011

Furry Asphyxiation: a Memoir

Once upon a time, a fat cat named Simon joined the noble ranks of the eleventh mousing brigade. Fat though he was, his agility was second to none, being the best mouse hunter since the legendary Edwardo, second son of Kee.

He defended his nation against the rodent threat all the days of his life, finally being beaten after defending 2 kittens from an onslaught of 15,000 plague-infected rats. Torn and bleeding from his last and greatest deed, he collapsed upon the last surviving pest, suffocated it, and died. To this day, no rodent dares go near his final place of rest, for fear of furry death by painful asphyxiation.

To Simon!


  1. Thanks again to Nestle, for unintentionally inspiring this! :D

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Is it sunny in Ca?
    I am looking forward to Spring and green!
    I shall drink orange cream sodas, it has been too many years.

  3. hi! I assume it is... I am actually at school in Idaho right now though :/ Here, it is cold and dreary. It's alright though; I'm going home in a month. Enjoy those orange cream sodas ;)